Chrismas is around the eyerows

Every year we struggle. How will my eueyebrows look like this xchirstmas? Worry not, finallu, the solution is here. all thanks to this girl and her brilliant brows.


this intsagram blogger has strarted this tren of turning our eyebrows into xmas trees. and it is spreading like wildfire

even I made my iwn…


…With instant remorse ,when the nail poli sg dried on my fac

And two hours from that I tries again. Tou could sayiam addicedted.

Lift the spirit its chirsmashurrayyrrey



why is the sound of 20 17


ūüé߬†Pleases you

What is this? this is what. we sounded like in 2017. still, I seis my bubble. but I tried to reach out to as many places as ‘i could. I asked friends, family, and di d reserch about what is popular. There are new things, and old things that have become e more empopular or just can be heard in the media. There are small voices and big voices. there are serious issues,, politicians and laughabs. I tried to emmulate even magazines and books but as they make little sound they are hardlu heard. I am annoyed found nothingfm so many countries, if I searched it enflis it was their news pnly popping up. but

age groups - what older people consume compared to Youngers

countries what to include? I used a lot of sounds fro m Finland, even if it isn't globally that haerd

mediums - I have sounds form






tv news







social media



smartphone sounds

All these sounds we heard in  2017. They have in flu ndces us this year. Some sounds are surely missing from the list, and from the video. try to see what sounds YPU can find. here is an almost complete of titles used. (write down what did I miss++


Ahh, HBO intro, New Face, PSy, 2017 premiere league highlights, Myrnie Рafterdark, Alpo Рshake up breakfast, ambient echo, apple magic keyboard demo, black Betty Рcaravan palace, camilla cabello performance, cards against humanity, cell phone vibration, china news daily 201704, crash bandicoot n. sane trilogy, dancing queen, dramatic sound, elä kuin viimeistä kesäpäivää, Erdogans new ad for presidency, evergreen valley, season episode 4, Facebook messenger, Mario odyssey, legend of Zelda, game of thrones trailer, I tried to get Instagram famous, Jake Paul Рlitmas, it trailer, Las Vegas shooting, Lucas the spider, news headlines, switch sound, North Korean special nuclear launch, paratiisihotelli suomi, loving Vincent trailer, overwatch sounds, page turn sound effect, proof mark Zuckerberg is not a human, snapchat deer filter demo, shooting star meme, rabbit snapchat filter funny, suomi 100 vuotta, South Park fractured but whole trailer, tech trends, Star Wars the last Jedi, spain Catalonia, the apocalypse pewdiepie, the magicarpsong, toy video, trump blackballs cnn, try not to laugh 10# Рmarkiplier, tuntematon sotilas traileri, we are number one, WhatsApp message, wow no cow, ylegate, amazon echo, nyancostaa, pewdiepie very nice compilation, attack on titan season 2, Floyd may weather vs con, Fox News РTrevor Noah, despacito ft daddy yankee,bemedict Cumberbatch theatre, abc earth,picle rick rick and morty, perfect -ed Sheehan, presidentinvaalitnetti noin viikon uutiset, dokidoki literature club, dead by daylight stream highlights, 2017 season hd Рice hockey, 60s gigantti ad, funny korean burger commercial, sing best moments, floods news

e123In a bus a I saw an advertisement from the screen


there are meny things in the screen. good adds, the ones you never have time to read, those whose font is  way to o small tor ead.  colour is autocorrect d to color but colourless is not colorless? why? I mwan som e adds are colllourfull. but one is gray. there is only on e spinning frmaecof a cube and te title

I neber eber check these sites out. I never remember doing so. but this one annoyed me to the cpre. what kind of and IDIOT!!?? would put out such a stupid add. so bad! but then again, it might have been the best add, since I did see what it was abouta, plus I am even writing about it—————


and it was as bad as the add the site, mesh¬†and I do nor understand who has the balls to so boldly put THAT out there. M I mean. well yes I mean. it is not good. there is nothing wrong with his cubes and other mScreen Shot 2017-12-06 at 15.04.45.pngeshes. but they are presented HORRIBLY. like in the add. this site is horrible. it s part of a portfolio. not something you add on a bus. the people that will hire you probably won’t notice this. and others don’t care. how much did you pay for this? and why did you pay anything before making good sites. You sir need to hire someone to fix your site. hire me plz. I am very smart and kind.

Today, I symphathised with Gaddafi

internet and my favourites. tests. there a billions and millions of them. My favourite ones that I have in the past takeninclude

who is your true soulmate?

what type of potato would you be? the blue one

Can you name all these disney ūüĎó’s /¬†

they lied thogh, there were also crowns included so I cut halfway throgh

the patrons test

I couldn’t find these test anymore but here is a test that reveals the age you’ll be married according to potatoes.¬†

I got 69.   amusing


and today I did the murderous villain test.



And this test, it said really, said nice things about me. and things I thought were very aqurate. So now I feel that this person couldn’t have been so bad. he is warmhearted dreamer that is also a good gymnast.just like me! I don’t know how the test know thsis.


there are some great questions like

Would I buy purple carrots, given the chance, to do I feel afraid that I won’t be recognised for my accomplishments?


And my best friend, I found out is hitler and now HE is here too!. should I break up with her?


she also said it was correct.

maybewere all bad iside? did my mind just bend snap clap?? no haha because I already read hitlers wikipedia before. I did sympathise wit h him but now I. should read gaddafis too. and live accordingly

Was th Is song Great before Benningotns death

One more light        

Should’ve stayed, were there signs, I ignored?

  1. Can I help you, not to hurt, anymore?

We saw brilliance, when the world, was asleep
There are things that we can have, but can’t keep

If they say
Who cares if one more light goes out?
In a sky of a million stars
It flickers, flickers
Who cares when someone’s time runs out?
If a moment is all we are
We’re quicker, quicker
Who cares if one more light goes out?
Well I do

The reminder, pull the floor from your feetIndication, one more trip that you need ohAnd you’re angry, and you should be, it’s not fairJust ’cause you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it, isn’t there

If they say
Who cares if one more light goes out?
In a sky of a million stars
It flickers, flickers
Who cares when someone’s time runs out?
If a moment is all we are
We’re quicker, quicker
Who cares if one more light goes out?
Well I do

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first observation before we ge t onto the tpic. I have forgotten how to use a television.

23730716_797814883724395_1009046746_o (1)
No signal 04:36


I have had, a television, for ..y,¬ī.e.a.r.s. but it never even occured tp me

i might want to wathc anything from it.

AMd i still dont want to watch, but read. oh yeas, i got a good clue form a source a guy i know well actually his name is cencored —> I wanted to see the




nd my mind was just

about to be blown). but first ,I had to get to it.


Obviosuly my television was nOOOT¬†an option. So I texted a friend cencored,.to send me some photographs of the format, as i first became fascikhnated about this when he oddly/&=? checked the icckey results from the tc, instead of their phone— now…

why would anyone do that?



well, afretrall, but he was non -coperative. instead of photos I got a link. a link???=)) to a text tv web page. but it looked like this: you have to click to see, please, this is the internet not tv please be responsive. please. very ugly


Of course, ….¬† ¬†!!!!

this would not do, thought I, infuriated.¬†so i looked at my tv again and knew i had to waste 4 minutes of my life setting ist up afteaswr all. so i did, but love ans be. I was not dissapointed. actually, this may have n¬ībeem the single best thing happened to¬† mw em me in ¬ī, well,


My plan orifginali was to search for a tewxt dating channel and pwonder upon that. but as i said, this was somethong i had not been preppppp



‘for. : ill show all. i discovere dd

help! anybody hear me==? I am imprioned, wrong button blah blah, text televison ice hocley bla hblah


first i found a man stuck in the television. Longing to get back to be with his children.

oh look how horrible!! This place was a !!!! what could they(yle) have been hiding here for all the time i thought thi s was a place for grannies and maniacs about sport====???= was this their strategu all along to make it seem so boring they could contact some other life forms(man face) with it? forms that unfortunately fgot stuck on the text channelö. sorry mr. man.


I had to knew more to confirm my conspiracy. I was hooked on the case. Case codename Text gone Wild

so, T, after a long search I found out that we finns have been having multible text based tv formats for quite some time,1,3,4 without informing the yonger audiences:



I am here to expose these seacrets kept fro m use,

first …


I found A quote from esa saarinen with a mysterious image that is apparently from the nineties.


A camel, lost in the dessesrt with one blinking star


An encrypted messsage, probably a cry for helop of sort.


an art insatallion


a calendar


and the desperate people I came to see. nothing suspicious found here.


all these. hidden cleverly next those things they knew we would not read. like. news. and sports. swedish. their plan.. was clever. but i endured it all to recodver these peaces of information. now i encorage all to follow what these old people still using this ancient tecnology have in mind.

pictures that cannot be explained. what does it all mean. where does it lead us to. this subject needs more attention. more eyes. comerads, help me, before its too late. granpocalypse,

it might lready be here


advertisements made me change away from radio, then youtube, then deezer and the, I paid spotify

lets make things clear. I love adds!

I love ADDS

I love adds?
love i adds

I love ADDDS

    1. add break:

adds i do, love

ADDS! first¬īst observation; no-one search for adds on purpose..

Clear? Good now we can move on –<<<

{obs teo, I can never find the adds ans videos they show ME}

I used to listedn tp the radio. All dat, every day I liseded to it for hours uni hours. Even though I only listened to popstattions with less than 20 song playlist, before I ever got bored of the music, I had to stop because I could not lisyten to the same adds. 

I talked about yputibe adds before so you kown I don’t like to hear. the same add many times over. But there at least you can skip. and its only one. On radio.. (Please dont skip my add=)

on radio on the other hand…

(another add please watch)

On radio on the other hand you can’

t do anything but pray for the adda to srops. AND there are sometimes. more add s than music. I mean, adds get them paid but what is the point if I rather turn your station off than listed to it at all.?

So, I got fed up ‚Äď fed up bad. I changed to Deezer. Surprisingly, that was good. Adds, they were calm, soft and all in all non-disturbing. it felt.. odd. It had to end soon.

wWhy did I ever chang3 ten you might ponder?! well maybe I felt it cheating. because soon I was stuck with this,


Spotify. My friends music was there. so I wanted to hear that . but unlike deezer the adds were unbearable. sp after my 10 battle after adds I went and spent money to get rid of them. I liked deezer better. but I never poured a single euro into their kirstu. Youtube I use because it has the widest selection and I am not satisfied with anu amount of genres or titles available.

And I still love adds. but adds are too often very. uninteresting. mindless. sellouts. people as only sustomers.,.- not for me,. stupid. badly prodssecuated. or wrong.

HERE IS ONE GOOD one. to show it is still to love adds even though you run away from them

try to guess.

graph of pewdiepeis(the real one) media presence

Graph: its here

Subject: Felix kjelbelej aka pewdiepie

time: from 28.10 to 1.11 (in between)

now it starts, the results:

TWITTER:___________________MILLION POSTS!!! 

INSTAGRAM:_______________One post


YOUTUBE:______________more than usual

MY comments:

twitter – he uses this by far the most to vommunkstate with other people and fans, he senst direct messages, shares funny pictures, ask questions, r

pewpewboyetweets and makrets his merch. this time it was a cloth line about respecting wamenh in time.(there is a clock thta suggest this) the march is available for only 3 days so he wants people to take the chance (and try ro make it exclusive but then again marketing it everywhere?-)

Artistic representation of Pewdiepie using social media


Every day there are so many() posts in twitter. I could not read them all. I am sorry.

integral: Felix klebelj made one post here, a piscture of himin.the new shirt t–shirt this time – he also sells long sleeve ¬†shirt. and cap-hat + hoody, but I guess his not too proud of those for those two are in none of his pictures anywhere.
facebook: nothing?? well, I guess it is ,a dying medium.




in his frequent videos in this period

he talks about mark zuccherbergs lizardyness, a horror film, games he played snd in the latest he MARKETS HIS march. (subtly enough) this is when I bought mine,20171102_045408-1.jpg

(I Very Much see myself in this respek)

¬†so it payes off to marker these everywhere because people don’t watch all of hisnvideos or follow him on all sites. he posted one samevideo (first episode of his laugh ands lose series) at leastwise during this period for copyright issues.? this video is still trending.¬†his videos are very long but I watch them all daily,(10-40 minutes) and he posted twice two days in a row so this is why I had no time to read his


also I am not in twitter.


Cracle cracle in my food, cracle cradle is that you? (bugs)


bugs are coming!

bt its a good ting! Tingling ting! Ring a bell? this is the BUZZ in the media right now! or it litrerary isn’t – but this issue should be crawling up our leg soon enough.

=0= ‚Äďbzzz bzzz don’t eat me!

Yes. A couple more days an d it will be legal to eat bugs in we know, before tihs you could’ve faced several years(((fake news!!!!! MY BRTHER IS SUCH A LIEAR) in prision for eating that poor ant. and disassembling it in front of your friends. and keeping it under the sand to make it crawl up. then throwing it to the kids pool just to see it drown. ..


befrore i coulee felt bad for what i did all those years back. but not anymore! because of the hyönteisruokalaki I can just face it that this is just food!. a rock out of my heart. and many others seem to be exited too! markets will be having dozens of new food options and have been marketing about that. not thay much though. why???? because its not all that like the idea.

I have divided all the humans in too categories


= good for the planet


  • <—- bad, oh no where dis this all came from


I hope people would see we donthave to feel SORRY for the bugs anymore! we eat so many grosff things all the time, like cauliflowers, I don’t beileve their other reason.Ans oeple will understand me finaly! please all it bugs! we could go anthunting the next time when e go to collect berries”

ill leave this with a truth that illustrates w a real from menaiset::


: ) bzzzz