Today, I symphathised with Gaddafi

internet and my favourites. tests. there a billions and millions of them. My favourite ones that I have in the past takeninclude

who is your true soulmate?

what type of potato would you be? the blue one

Can you name all these disney 👗’s / 

they lied thogh, there were also crowns included so I cut halfway throgh

the patrons test

I couldn’t find these test anymore but here is a test that reveals the age you’ll be married according to potatoes. 

I got 69.   amusing


and today I did the murderous villain test.



And this test, it said really, said nice things about me. and things I thought were very aqurate. So now I feel that this person couldn’t have been so bad. he is warmhearted dreamer that is also a good gymnast.just like me! I don’t know how the test know thsis.


there are some great questions like

Would I buy purple carrots, given the chance, to do I feel afraid that I won’t be recognised for my accomplishments?


And my best friend, I found out is hitler and now HE is here too!. should I break up with her?


she also said it was correct.

maybewere all bad iside? did my mind just bend snap clap?? no haha because I already read hitlers wikipedia before. I did sympathise wit h him but now I. should read gaddafis too. and live accordingly

2 thoughts on “Today, I symphathised with Gaddafi

  1. I got Joseph Stalin…
    Personality Match
    Like Joseph Stalin, you are a force to be reckoned with. Tough-minded, effective, combative, and controlling, you assert yourself and dominate the situation wherever you go. Anything that can be approached as a challenge you approach with full intent to dominate and succeed. However, you would do well to remember that a ruthless ‘in it to win it’ attitude does not inspire much love and may leave you lonely in the long run.

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