why is the sound of 20 17


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What is this? this is what. we sounded like in 2017. still, I seis my bubble. but I tried to reach out to as many places as ‘i could. I asked friends, family, and di d reserch about what is popular. There are new things, and old things that have become e more empopular or just can be heard in the media. There are small voices and big voices. there are serious issues,, politicians and laughabs. I tried to emmulate even magazines and books but as they make little sound they are hardlu heard. I am annoyed found nothingfm so many countries, if I searched it enflis it was their news pnly popping up. but

age groups - what older people consume compared to Youngers

countries what to include? I used a lot of sounds fro m Finland, even if it isn't globally that haerd

mediums - I have sounds form






tv news







social media



smartphone sounds

All these sounds we heard in  2017. They have in flu ndces us this year. Some sounds are surely missing from the list, and from the video. try to see what sounds YPU can find. here is an almost complete of titles used. (write down what did I miss++


Ahh, HBO intro, New Face, PSy, 2017 premiere league highlights, Myrnie – afterdark, Alpo – shake up breakfast, ambient echo, apple magic keyboard demo, black Betty – caravan palace, camilla cabello performance, cards against humanity, cell phone vibration, china news daily 201704, crash bandicoot n. sane trilogy, dancing queen, dramatic sound, elä kuin viimeistä kesäpäivää, Erdogans new ad for presidency, evergreen valley, season episode 4, Facebook messenger, Mario odyssey, legend of Zelda, game of thrones trailer, I tried to get Instagram famous, Jake Paul – litmas, it trailer, Las Vegas shooting, Lucas the spider, news headlines, switch sound, North Korean special nuclear launch, paratiisihotelli suomi, loving Vincent trailer, overwatch sounds, page turn sound effect, proof mark Zuckerberg is not a human, snapchat deer filter demo, shooting star meme, rabbit snapchat filter funny, suomi 100 vuotta, South Park fractured but whole trailer, tech trends, Star Wars the last Jedi, spain Catalonia, the apocalypse pewdiepie, the magicarpsong, toy video, trump blackballs cnn, try not to laugh 10# – markiplier, tuntematon sotilas traileri, we are number one, WhatsApp message, wow no cow, ylegate, amazon echo, nyancostaa, pewdiepie very nice compilation, attack on titan season 2, Floyd may weather vs con, Fox News – Trevor Noah, despacito ft daddy yankee,bemedict Cumberbatch theatre, abc earth,picle rick rick and morty, perfect -ed Sheehan, presidentinvaalitnetti noin viikon uutiset, dokidoki literature club, dead by daylight stream highlights, 2017 season hd – ice hockey, 60s gigantti ad, funny korean burger commercial, sing best moments, floods news

3 thoughts on “why is the sound of 20 17

  1. This one was awesome but also reminds me of how out of touch I am with popular things. This was partially just as obscure to me as the youtube rewind thing was.


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