e123In a bus a I saw an advertisement from the screen


there are meny things in the screen. good adds, the ones you never have time to read, those whose font is  way to o small tor ead.  colour is autocorrect d to color but colourless is not colorless? why? I mwan som e adds are colllourfull. but one is gray. there is only on e spinning frmaecof a cube and te title

I neber eber check these sites out. I never remember doing so. but this one annoyed me to the cpre. what kind of and IDIOT!!?? would put out such a stupid add. so bad! but then again, it might have been the best add, since I did see what it was abouta, plus I am even writing about it—————


and it was as bad as the add the site, mesh and I do nor understand who has the balls to so boldly put THAT out there. M I mean. well yes I mean. it is not good. there is nothing wrong with his cubes and other mScreen Shot 2017-12-06 at 15.04.45.pngeshes. but they are presented HORRIBLY. like in the add. this site is horrible. it s part of a portfolio. not something you add on a bus. the people that will hire you probably won’t notice this. and others don’t care. how much did you pay for this? and why did you pay anything before making good sites. You sir need to hire someone to fix your site. hire me plz. I am very smart and kind.


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